Yuki Matsueda
Born in Ibaraki, Japan, 1980
Lives and works in Japan

Yuki Matsueda was born in Ibaraki, Japan, and received a PhD in design from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010. His work aims to animate sign and signifier, by identifying the numerous elements of a sign and extruding them onto different levels. The resulting sculpture is enveloped in acrylic.

Matsueda has received several prizes, including the 2009 Nippon Paint Design Center Award, and his work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Seoul, and Los Angeles.


2017  EXIT, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2017  Super Ordinary, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY, USA 
2016  Yuki Matsueda Solo exhibition, SHINSEIDO, Tokyo, Japan
2015  The King’s Vacation!, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2014  Yuki Matsueda From the beginning, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014  Yuki Matsueda The way, SHINSEIDO, Berlin, Germany
2014  Yuki Matsueda Solo exhibition, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2013  ELTTOB TEP Yuki Matsueda, ISSEY MIYAKE, Tokyo, Japan
2012  Yuki Matsueda Be Ready to Run!, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012  Yuki Matsueda No hesitation, SHINSEIDO, Tokyo, Japan
2011  Yuki Matsueda, GYM project, Seoul, Korea
2011  Yuki Matsueda Solo exhibition, Randy Art Hill, Tokyo, Japan
2010  Yuki Matsueda Solo exhibition, Shibuya.SEIBU, Tokyo, Japan
2008  Yuki Matsueda, Shibuya.SEIBU, Tokyo, Japan
2008  Yuki Matsueda Debut!!, YPSILON GROUP, Tokyo, Japan


2018  Art Fair TOKYO, Shinseido, Tokyo, Japan
2018  3-Dimensional Arts, Shinseido, Tokyo, Japan
2017  Moniker International, u-k ART, LONDON
2016  CONTEXT Art Miami, BLANK SPACE Gallery, Miami, FL, USA
2016  AHAF SEOUL, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016  Art Fair TOKYO, Shinseido, Tokyo, Japan
2015  AHAF 2015 HK, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2015   LA Art Show, Keumsan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2014  AHAF 2014 HK, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2013  NEW POP, SHUN Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2013  KIAF13, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013  AHAF 2013 SEOUL, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012  Edition: The new wave, INTERALIA, Seoul, Korea
2012  KIAF12, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012   Spoon art fair HK12, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2012  CIGE, Keumsan Gallery, Beijing, China
2011  Wabi Savvy, JAUS, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2011  AHAF 2011 SEOUL, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011  ART OSAKA, Keumsan Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2011  Art Fair KYOTO, SHINSEIDO, Kyoto, Japan 
2011  Young Art TAIPEI, Keumsan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2011  art.metz, SHUN Art Gallery, Paris, France
2010  The Art of Three Kingdoms, SHUN Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2010  IKESEI STYLE CONTEMPORARY, Ikebukuro SEIBU, Tokyo, Japan
2010  Asia Young Artists Ⅴ, Keumsan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Be Ready to Run
1 May - 28 Jun 2015
Be Ready to Run
by Yuki Matsueda