Sai Hashizume
Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1980
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan


2006-2008  Lived and worked in Berlin, Germany
2009-2010  Lived and worked in Paris, France


2006-2007 School of Art and Design Berlin Weissensee, Guest student
2006  M.F.A., Oil Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
2003  B.F.A., Oil Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Solo Exhibition

2015  "She who dies with the most shoes wins"(A.STYLE/Jiang art gallery,Hong Kong)

2014  "Beautiful Stranger" (POLA MUSEUM ANNEX)

2013  “lost virginity,” G-tokyo 2013 / imura art gallery booth, Tokyo Midtown Hall, Tokyo

2012  “sometimes we can’t choose where we die,” imura art gallery, Kyoto

2011  “After Image of the Red Shoes,” imura art gallery, Tokyo

2005  “Behind the Skirt,” Gallery Honjoh, Tokyo

2004   Gallery ES, Tokyo

Group Exhibition (selected)

2015  "China-ASEAN Biennale" (Nanning/China)

2014  "Nostalgia and Fantasy" Imagination and Its Origins in Contemporary Art
          (The National Museum of Art,Osaka )
          Takamatsu Contemporary Art Annual vol.4 "Regarding the Reality"
          (Takamatsu City Museum of Art/Takamatsu)

2013  "Yamato Dynamics" (Mizuma Gallery Singapore,Singapore)
          "DOMANI:the Art of Tomorrow 2013 Exhibition" (National Art Center,Tokyo)

2012  "Pola Museum Annex Annual Exhibition 2012"(Pola Museum Annex,Tokyo)

2009  the 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art "Siding Rail Road 2009" (Tokorozawa/Japan)
2008  "Arte Fiera Art First 2008" (Art fair in Bologne/Itary)
          "Shell Art Prize 2007"(Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art/Kyoto)
          "Asia Top Galley Hotel Artfair 2008"(Hotel New Otani/Tokyo)
2007  "Evidence of Self-Portrait"(Chinretsukan/Tokyo)
          "Speclum mundi" (Galerie Davide Gallo,Berlin)
2006  "VOCA ~the Vision Of Contemporary Art" (Uenonomori Museum,Tokyo)
2005  αM Project "Secret girls up and down" (art space ASK?, Tokyo)
2004  "Sensitive Skin"(Gallery Art Point, Tokyo)
2000  "Perspective to the Man" (Shimotakaido Gallery Art SOKO, Tokyo)


2006  Artist in Residence Krems,TOP24 (Krems,Austria)

Scholarship & Grant 

2014  Grant from Contemporary Art Foundation
2009-2010 Grant from Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation
2007-2008 Scholarship 2007-2008 by POLA Art Foundation Fellowship to study in Germany
2006-2007 Fellowship to study in Germany under the Japanese Government 
      Overseas Study Programme for Artist
2006  Scholarship from Lower Austria Government
2004  The 19th Holbein Scholarship
2013  Koji Kinutani Prize
2007  Sovereign European Art Prize 2007 (London)
2006  "VOCA ~the Vision Of Contemporary Art" (Uenonomori Museum,Tokyo)
2004  Tokyo Wonder Wall 2004 Competition (Tokyo)
          Shell Art Award 2004 exhibition (Tokyo), Special Prize from the Jury
2003  Size Zero Painting Exhibition?Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo?
          Mr.O Memorial Prize
          Tokyo Wonder Wall 2003 Competition (Tokyo)
Public Collection
the National Museum of Art,Osaka
Commission Work
2014  POLA RED B.A Grand Image
2012  POLA GINZA(Tokyo)
2008  "Red Shoes Session vol.1"(Berlin,Germany)
2005  "SUKOKI 2005 here&now" (Sukoki,Poland)
She who dies with the most shoes wins
2 Sep - 31 Oct 2015
She who dies with the most shoes wins
by Sai Hashizume