Choi Yun Jung
Born in Seoul, Korea, 1972
Currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea

Choi Yunjung was born in Seoul, Korean and received a Bachelor Degree in Painting and Drawing, and a Masters Degree in Art Education from Hongik University. Her oil painting invites spectators to question human's way of seeing through their hidden motifs and  pastel palettes. Choi's work has been exhibited in prominent art shows including Korean Internation Art Fair 2014 and Busan Art Show 2014.


2006   Graduate school of Education, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, MA in Art Education
1994   Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, BFA in Painting and Drawing
1990   Sunhwa Art High School, Seoul, Korea, Painting and Drawing 

Solo Exhibition

2014   Into The Pinhole (A.STYLE, Hong Kong)
           Show Me the Money (Gallery Grida, Seoul)

2013   Desire (Gail Museum, Gapyoung)
           Into The Pinhole (Gallery 192, Seoul)

2010   Fantasyland (Cyart Gallery, Seoul)
           Choi Yunjing Solo Exhibition (With Space Gallery, Beijing)

2009   Moderno (Busan Art Center, Busan)
           Nostalgia? (Gahoedong 60 Gallery, Seoul)

2008   Nostalgia (Kepco Plaza Gallery, Seoul)
           Mystic Frame (Mui Gallery, Seoul)

Group Exhibition

2015  Affordable Art Fair (DDP, Seoul) 
          Seoul Art Show (Coex, Seoul) 
          Run to Fancyland (The Popsy Room, Hong Kong) 
          Hello! Pop (Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju) 
          Inter-Reflection (Cultural Center of Seosan, Seosan) 
          Uncertain Paradise (Gallery Imazoo, Seoul) 
          Art Busan (Bexco, Busan) 
          Affordable Art Fair (HKCEC, Hong Kong) 
          Beyond Pop (Lotte Hotel Gallery, Seoul) 
          Discourse of Conversions (Cyart space, Seoul)

2014   Live and Let Live (Gallery Klei, Sydney) 
           Affordable Art Fair (F1 Pit Building, Singapore) 
           Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014 (Conrad Hotel, Hongkong)
           Korea International Art Fair 2014 (Coex, Seoul)
           Art Kwangju 2014 (KDJ Convention Center, Kwangju)
           Busan Art Show 2014 (Bexco, Busan)
           Korea Galleries Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
           His Gaze (ES Gallery, Seoul)

2013  Girls Be Ambitious! (Lotte Gallery, Seoul)
          Zombies, Attention please! (Gallery Imazoo, Seoul)
          Falling into Comics (Lotte Gallery, Anyang)
          Falling into Comics (Lotte Gallery, Deajeon)
          Asia Contemorary Art Show 2013 (JW Marriott, Hongkong)
          Seoul Open Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
          As It Is Seen (Gallery Grida, Seoul)
          Black Bridge / Beijing C.O.L. Art Residency (TV12 Gallery, Seoul)

2012  Face to Face (Gallery Epoque, Seoul)
          Asia Contemporary Art Show (Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hongkong)
          Real / Unreal (With Space Gallery, Beijing)
          ART Plage (Lotte Gallery, Seoul/Busan)
          Do Not Exist (Gallery Apheta, Seoul)
          This is the Pop Art (Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul)
          Real / Unreal - two realities and an interpretation in between (Cyart Gallery, Seoul)
          Can you find me? (Ilhyun Museum, Yangyang)
          The First Step in 2012 (With Space Gallery/TN Gallery, Beijing)
          I Like Coffee (Bupyoung Art Center, Bupyoung)

2011  Magic Land, Yangpyeong (Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong)
         Emerging Artists Part3 (MK2 Art Space, Beijing)
         Beijing International Art Expo (World Trade Center, Beijing)
         Art and Commerce (Art Space K, Seoul)
         Fun + Pop (Gwachon CS, Gwachon)
         Psychology of Desire (Gail Museum, Gapyoung)
         YWCA (Gallery Imazoo, Seoul)
         Desire, Own-more: Choi Yunjung, Han Seul (GS Street Gallery, Seoul)
         Seoul Open Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
         Nouveau Depart (Iang Gallery, Seoul)

2010  The Stream of Contemporary Korean Art ?-Pop Art (Kimhea Art Center, Kimhea)
          Departopia (Lotte Gallery, Anyang)
          9th Funny Painting Funny Sculpture (Sejul Gallery, Seoul)
          ePs Seoul 2010 (Anthracite, Seoul)
          70-60 (Gahoedong 60 Gallery, Seoul)
          Circulation Art Project (Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai)
          Smile (Shinsegae Gallery, Kwangju/Busan)
          Seoul Open Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)
          The Spirit of Spring (With Space Gallery, Beijing)
          Ouip with Gahoedong60 (Gahoedong 60 Gallery, Seoul)
          Love Again (Kim Jeasun Gallery, Gwachon/Busan)

Residence Program & Other Project

2013    Collaboration with LOTTE, Seoul, Korea
2011    Collaboration with HITEJINRO, Seoul, Korea
2011    C.O.L. Art Center Residency, Beijing, China

Work Collection

Art Bank(National Meuseum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Gwachon)
Yangpyeong Art Museum (Yangpyeong) 
The HITEJINRO Co., Ltd (Seoul)
AnaPass, Inc. (Seoul)
YK BNC, Inc. (Seoul)

Curating Experience

2012    Real / Unreal - two realities and an interpretation in between (Cyart Gallery, Seoul)

Teaching Experience

2007-2011   Hansung Univ.
2008    Hyupsung Univ.
2012    Sun Hwa Art High School
2013    Hongik Univ.
2014    Kimpo College

Into the Pinhole
18 Nov 2014 - 8 Jan 2015
Into the Pinhole
by Choi Yun Jung