Elisabeth Sonneck
Maeander 14-3
Oil on canvas
100cm (H) x 100cm (W)
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In Elisabeth Sonneck paintings she combines minimalistic pictorial concepts with coloristic experiments. Her perception of color as an unstable essence, whose effect is ultimately dependent on the color of its surroundings, references the oeuvre of Josef Albers.
Her color rhythms are the direct result of the precise physical and manual action of painting. Subtle nuances in the colors are revealed, in which the consciously reduced painterly gesture emphasizes the temporal process of the painting’s emergence.
For almost a decade, Elisabeth Sonneck has developed numerous site-specific works, which reflect the particularities of the respective sites and transform them into color spaces; room paintings as well as extensive color-installations. Recent works also include rolls of paper, whose form is determined by the tension within the material, and which situate themselves between painting, object and sculpture.